Monday, September 01, 2008

Fall is teasing us . . .

The weather here today is absolutely gorgeous. The only bad thing is the wind -- it's extremely windy and it's tinder-dry around here because we have had hardly a drop of rain all summer. However, the high front moved out and a cooler front moved in, so our temperatures have dropped from 106 last week to a balmy 70 degrees currently, with an expected high of 87. Fabulous! Now, we just have to hope that some damn fool doesn't flick a lit cigarette out the car window and cause a brush fire. The humidity is 30%, and we have NW winds at 14 MPH (gee, I sound like a weather reporter, dont' I? Yeah I know; don't quit your day job LOL). These winds could whip up a grass fire quicker than you can say, "Call the fire department!". We've already had our share of bad fires in the foothills around here; we certainly don't need more!

But the cooler temps are certainly welcome, although we still have some Indian summer left. I heard the long-range forecast on the news this morning, and temps will be back up into the high-90s and low 100s by the end of this week. Blast!

I am looking forward to the cooler fall weather, that's for sure. I just hope we get a LOT of rain this winter; we really need it. With the wind swirling the leaves around outside, it feels very fallish out there. But this is only a tease. *sigh*

Well the good news is that our upstairs neighbors moved out!! Yahoo!! Yipeee!! You know, the wild monkeys and elephants that have been stomping around up there for the past six months, with a couple of months off in the summer? Yeah, them. It's been soooooo wonderfully quiet up there. Although it's a crap shoot as to who will move up there. We might get some more noisy college kids (ugh) or a family with three little kids that kick scream and run around all day (double ugh). As they say, be careful what you wish for. LOL

We'll see!

Anyway, poor Bill is on call this weekend, and sure as Obama is a waffler, his on-call phone went off about 7:15 this morning, and it's 11:00 now and he still isn't home yet. The call that came in was about two copiers. Too bad those calls didn't come in separately; that would have been TWO on-call fees instead of just one! But oh well. I felt so bad for Bill as he was leaving. He goes, "Well, I guess it won't be a holiday for me!". I just hope that if he has several machines to fix, that they all come in separately, so he gets the maximum dollars for his efforts.

I got up this morning and took a shower. Then I checked my email and read some blogs. I watched Regis and Kelly as I ate my breakfast (a bowl of cheerios, and some sourdough toast -- yum!). Then I loaded the dishwasher and ran it, loaded some towels into the washer, and read my book. When the dishwasher finished, I unloaded it, put the towels into the dryer, loaded the second load of towels into the washer, and vacuumed the floor and swiffered the kitchen floor and entryway. When the dryer finished, I took them out and hung them up in the master bathroom, and loaded the other towels for the guest bath into the dryer, where they are currently getting dry. I decided to post a blog post, since it's been awhile, and if you're still awake, thanks for stopping in and reading! It's not an exciting one I know, but them's the breaks!

The good news is that we only have a four-day work week this week. The bad news is that at my work, we are all scurrying around like chickens with our heads cut off, preparing for our accreditation review Sept. 17-18-19. This happens once every three years (a three year accreditation is the maximum we can get) and so we have to mind our ps and qs and be on our best behavior while they're here.

Also, I have to get our bi-annual agency newsletter published, a smaller internal staff newsletter, get my safety stuff organized, have a safety meeting a week from tomorrow, prepare the board of directors mailing, have a board meeting on the 11th, and pray to God that no one gets injured between now and then because I just don't have time to deal with the worker's comp!! LOL

Whew. Oh, and pray that the state budget gets passed before December 1st, because we don't have enough money to operate beyond Dec. 1st. I doubt that would happen; but you never know.

Bill is going to be going down to his daughter and son-in-law's place in Southern California in late October when his daughter has her baby. I probably won't be able to go, because I have to plan our largest annual fundraiser, the Turkey Dinner, which is happening Nov. 13th. I'll be in the middle of all of that in late October, so no way I can leave then. It will be good for Bill to get to go, though.

Well, I think I will get off here now and get those towels out of the dryer and hung up. Have a great Labor Day! (thanks, Jake!)