Friday, June 27, 2008

Smoky conditions prevail

Due to numerous fires in the northern California area, we have been under seige with a heavy layer of smoke in the air ever since we got back from Chicago on Sunday. As we flew into the airport, we could see the layer of smoke and muck -- it was almost like flying into LAX on a bad air day.

Today is Friday, and it is no better. Our air quality is as the Very Hazardous levels, and in Paradise, it has gone up to Extremely hazardous -- the highest levels. At work we have been dealing with the poor air quality and trying to ensure that all our clients and staff are safe.

Here's a photo from the local TV station network website. This isn't our place; it's a random picture taken somewhere in Chico:

We don't have any big plans this weekend; just hunkering down and staying inside with the air conditioning on. With the air quality so poor, there's really nothing else we can do. Maybe I'll go to the movies.

But thankfully our homes are not threatened by this fire. Despite the poor air quality, we do not have to worry at this point about our place burning down.

Stay safe, everyone, and have a great weekend.


Jake said...

I think that's the first person I've heard of with the same birthday as mine. It's also the day the pope died. I was so mad when that happened. It's my birthday and the front page headline is: "Pope John Paul II dies"