Sunday, June 01, 2008

Only 206 days until Christmas . . .

Wow it is June 1st already. I cannot believe it. Nearly half way through the year and time to start early Christmas shopping!

Yeah right! LOL

Well we've had a good weekend so far. We ran some errands yesterday. One of them was to Costco, and while we were in line, the lady in line in front of us fainted!! It was the weirdest thing. She kind of squatted near her cart, like she was looking for something underneath, and then she just sort of . . . slid onto her back. It was very graceful; it's not like she just fell over. It was the weirest thing. She just sort of slid down until she was on her back and she was OUT. The clerk ran over to see if she was all right and a manager came over. I told Bill to call 9-1-1 which he dialed, and just a few seconds after she passed out, she snapped right out of it. She said, "What happened?" and tried to stand up. The manager didn't want her to stand up but she did anyway, and she was instantly awake. She wasn't groggy or anything. It was really strange. It was like nothing had happened. She wanted to cancel 9-1-1 but the store insisted. I'm sure she was embarassed. We were outside by the time the ambulance and fire engine arrived; Bill took them back inside to where she was. When he came back out, Bill said she was standing in the checkout line like nothing had happened! But I tell you what, if you lose consciousness for no reason (unless she was hypoglycemic or something, which we don't know) it's a good idea to have the paramedics check you out. I mean, for goodness sake; what if she'd been driving and that happened?!? Yikes! It was the strangest thing -- one minute she was out; the next minute it was like nothing had happened.

When we got home from our errands, we went out to the pool. It wasn't very hot; maybe low-80s but we really wanted to go swimming. Unfortunately, the water was REALLY cold. We laid out in the sun for awhile; I got sunburned because the breeze was so nice that you never really felt hot. We did get in the pool for a bit and swam around but it was FREEZING. Hopefully by the time we get back from Chicago, there will have been enough warm days for the water to warm up. I love to swim. Our hotel in Chicago has a pool, but it's indoors. Bummer.

Bill is at the pool right now; I didn't want to go back out because of my sunburn, but he didn't get burned much yesterday. He has more of a base tan than I do, because he's gone out there and laid out more than I have.

I am sleepy; I think I'll take advantage of the quiet and take a nap. Even our noisy neighbors upstairs are quiet. They must be gone. LOL

Well I am acting ED next week, then one more week and then we head for Chicago! In just 12 more days, I will have 10 days off in a row (including weekends)!!! Yay!!! I'm definitely looking forward to that!!

One sad note -- my friend Alicia's mother passed away from a brain tumor yesterday. our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family as they deal with this difficult loss.


That Chick Over There said...

I'm almost done Christmas shopping! :)