Friday, May 30, 2008

Fridays Rock!

It's interesting how once the weather starts to heat up and summer is on its way, many of the blogs I follow slow down on postings. And it's funny how these strangers on the web become almost like someone I know, and I worry about them when they don't post for several days (or weeks even). But I can tell that lots more things are going on, because when they do post, its usually with some wonderful tale of the adventures they've had, accompanied by a bunch of pics. Even if the adventure is only a walk in the park. Fun!

The weather has been beautiful here lately. All week we've had temps in the 70s, and today I think it got up into the 80s. I'm hoping it will warm up to the mid-to-high 80s this weekend so we can go swimming! That was the only bummer about our four-day Memorial Day weekend was that the weather was so crappy! It was cold and cloudy and even rained a bit. We couldn't do many of the things we planned to do. But that's okay; it is still better than the 100 degree temps we had the week before that! Weird, wild stuff!

Speaking of weird, wild stuff, I sure do miss the old Johnny Carson Tonight Show. And now Jay Leno is leaving and Conan O'Brien is taking over?!? Ew! I don't particularly care for Conan O'Brien. Jay Leno has more class in his little finger than Conan does in his whole body. Not my cup of tea. But really? They don't give a flying frog about my opinion, because I never watch the show!! It's on way too late for me, and I don't like it enough to TiVo it. Unless Ross the Intern was on it, then I'd TiVo it. Sadly, when Jay Leno leaves, no more Ross the Intern segments, which were screamingly funny. There was one particular one with Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, that is absolutely hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, I was sad to read that Harvey Korman passed away today. He was 81! Wowzers I didn't realize he was that old, but it makes sense. He was of my parent's generation and they are 78 and 79. I'm dating myself here, but I remember when Harvey Korman and Tim Conway performed together in skits on the Carol Burnett Show and I would laugh until I cried over some of their comedy. They did sight gags and physical comedy so incredibly well. Corny stuff by today's standards, but I still love watching clips. Especially the ones where Tim Conway was the old man . . . OMG!!

Well, our ED is out next week and I have been named acting-CEO while he is gone. However, he is going to be in SoCal doing trainings, and this time he is carrying a cell phone (if you knew our technology-challenged ED, then you'd know why this is so earth-shakingly monumental!) so we can get in touch with him in case of a dire emergency.

Bill and I are going out to dinner at Chili's tonight. I have a company credit card to use to make incidental purchases for my job, and one of the things it has is points for each dollar spent. I've been saving my points ever since I got this job 14 months ago, and I had enough points to trade redeem them for a $50 gift card. Yay!! I like free!! :-)

And the best thing of all, is that it's Friday evening!! I got off work at 3pm today, because I worked a couple of hours over my usual time this week. That was a great way to start the weekend. The nice thing was, that I actually got out of the office pretty close to 3pm!!! Seems like 90 percent of the time, something happens just as I am getting ready to head out the door early -- usually an injury. Ugh! But this time -- magic!!

No particular plans this week, just the usual. Hopefully it will be warm enough to get in some swimming!