Saturday, May 03, 2008

Its only Saturday night

and we've had two days off work already! Yay!

Nothing new to report; just two days of relaxing. We got up early this morning and went grocery shopping. We shop at a warehouse type store, which due to its low prices, gets a LOT of business. Shopping there during the day can be a challenge at best, with crowded aisles, screaming kids and, well, lots of people without a lot of, uh, well let's say they probably live in trailer parks and get food stamps, mmm-kay?

SO anyway, we got to the grocery store about 7:50am, and it was great! There were still quite a few people there, but probably only about a third of what would be there in about two hours, especially on a Saturday. And what I noticed? Was that the quality of people that were shopping at that hour were significantly better than the masses that descend on the place later on. I guess the others have to sleep off the bender from the night before.

I'm a hopeless snob; I can't help it! LOL

Anyway, the shopping was much easier and while getting up and out of the house at that hour on a Saturday was hard? It was certainly worth it. We hadn't done a big shopping in probably a month, so we were low on EVERYTHING. We spent a lot more than usual, but it's nice to have a full frige and pantry. And we were home by 9am! How great is that?!? Chores done and a full day ahead. Although I was fighting a migraine and had to lay down after taking a vicodin, which wasted most of the morning. I seem to be fine, now.

Tomorrow I may take in a movie. I want to see either "88 Minutes" or "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Bye for now!