Sunday, April 13, 2008

Summer wannabe weather today

This weekend has been absolutely GORGEOUS!! Yesterday, it was 90 here. Ninety!! As in degrees. Today it got up to 91 and broke a record!! Break out the shorts and sunscreen, baby!!

Yesterday I got to go shopping!!! I bought a pair of black jeans (mine were completely worn out), a pair of black shorts, a really cute aqua t-shirt with a palm tree on it, and three blouses for work. And all six items only cost $130!! Wow; now THAT'S a deal!!

And today? The Giants are winning!!! (so far) After losing yesterday's game after being up by 7 runs --?? Makes you ashamed to be a Giants fan.

Anyway, Bill and I sat out by the pool today. The water was too cold to swim in, although it didn't stop the 20-somethings from going in. I stuck my feet in an nearly got frostbite. But after I'd been in the sun awhile, the cold water felt good. I think I got a bit of a sunburn. Alas, its back to springlike weather next week, with temps back into the 70s -- normal for this time of year. The good news, is that the nice weather was on the weekend, for once, and not during the week with rain on the weekend. I just hope that we have gorgeous weather for our fundraiser next weekend.

So I'm going to be on the noon news tomorrow, and I'll be on the morning program on Wednesday. Unless I'm persona non grata after Friday's little faux pas. **sigh** Watch for me . . . .