Monday, March 24, 2008

Fire Update

When we got home from work, we walked down and saw the damage done by last night's fire. Lots of rumors are flying around, but no official word on the cause of the fire. One of the rumors says that someone was smoking inside one of the downstairs apartments, which is a no-no.

We stopped by the office and offered the use of one of our spare rooms to anyone who was displaced, but the manager said that they had four vacant apartments, which the people from the four apartments will move into.

Turns out what saved the other four apartments on the other side, besides the quick work by the firemen, was the fact that there is a firewall between the apartments. Sounds like it was a good thing! There is a bit of smoke damage to the upstairs apartments in the back, but nothing serious. They have a cleaning company cleaning and wiping the walls and cabinets in those apts. Meanwhile, the investigators have the area fenced off and are busy trying to figure out what happened. The manager said only one out of four of the tenants had renter's insurance. Bet they go out and buy some now!!

Here are some of the pictures we took today. Scary!!