Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chilly Saturday

Sorry for the lack of posts lately -- not much has been happening around here. Hard to match the excitement of last weekend. Not that we want a repeat of that any time soon.

Speaking of the fire, no word yet on the cause. They've got a big front loader scoop thing and a dumpster out in front of the burned apartments -- looks like they're starting clean up, so the fire marshall must have released the scene, or whatever its called. All the tenants in all four apartments have been relocated into other apartments, thankfully.

So, other than that, it was a very ordinary week. Working hard, coming home and relaxing. Bill took me out to a nice dinner last night at Olive Garden; that was really fun. It was a fun time. No screaming kids anywhere near us! I always consider that a successful evening out, when there are no screaming kids. I'll never understand parents who allow their kids to continue to be disruptive and don't either do something about it, or take the kid outside. But then you already know that bugs me. Cuz I've written about it like 450 times. LOL

I did get to have lunch with my friend Alicia on Monday. She lives about 45 minutes away, so I was excited to get her email early Monday morning, saying she was going to be in town. Her little boy, Justin, is such a little cutie pie.

Well, Bill and I need to go to Mervyn's to get him some underwear. Exciting, huh?!? I bet you wish you were me, don't you?!? Yeah, I know you do.


Have a great weekend!!!