Monday, March 24, 2008

What a way to end a weekend!

Wow, three posts from me today! In case you missed it, scroll down; there are a couple of posts for your amusement.

The real news is the excitement we had last night! There was a fire in an apartment near us about 11pm last night. Fortunately they were two buildings away and we weren't affected, but it sure created quite a stir!

Here's a pic I downloaded from the local paper's website. Wow!!

We had already gone to bed, and I had been unable to sleep because our upstairs neighbors were making a lot of noise. They'd been gone all last week (probably for Spring break) and it had been wonderfully quiet all week. They got home late yesterday afternoon and were making a lot of noise upstairs, stomping around.

Anyway I was out in the living room reading my book about 11pm when I heard a siren go by . .. then another, then another and another and another . . . finally I poked my head outside to see what was going on. I saw our upstairs neighbors standing outside, so I went out and asked them what was going on. They looked at me like I was a total idiot (young people today can be SO rude!!) and pointed. They did everything but go, "Duh, lady!"

Noisy punks.

. . . anyway . . .

I looked over and holy crap!! You could see the apartment on fire -- flames were shooting out of the building (see picture above)!! I ran back inside and got Bill, and we went outside and watched. They had rolled a lot of fire trucks -- at least five or six or more -- and there were ambulances, Sheriff and Police cars all over the place. I guess they roll that many trucks because they never know how many buildings may become involved. It is good that the buildings are so far apart, because the firemen were able to contain the fire to just the four apartments on the one side of the building. It was quite amazing. I guess all four apartments were fully involved, but it didn't spread to the four apartments attached directly behind it.

Apparently there was a disabled man in a wheelchair on the first floor, and the first officers on scene broke a window and got him out. The fire was in the front of the apartments, and so their escape route was cut off. The upstairs residents had to jump out of their windows. How scary!! No one was killed, fortunately, and the only injury was someone injured their back jumping out the window, and a couple of firefighters had minor injuries that didn't require transportation to the hospital.

We were chatting with some other neighbors, and saying that we were glad we had renter's insurance, and the gal from upstairs kitty corner from us (not the ones that looked at me like I was stoopid) said, "I'm going to get some tomorrow!" What a reality check. Those apartments aren't very old -- less than 10 years -- so I would think that the fire was started by something the tenants did. No doubt they had too many things plugged into an outlet, or something. They haven't published the cause of the fire yet; they may not even know at this point. It will be interesting to find out.

I tried going back to bed and getting some sleep, but not only did our upstairs neighbors stomp around for what seems like forever, but they also turned their music on at 1:00am. MUSIC! What, are they kidding me?!? Helllloooo, some of us have to work!?!?! I finaly went to bed about 2am, and before I went back to bed, I poked my head outside and they were still mopping up.

Geesh. What a mess.

Anyway, what a way to end a weekend! And on 3 hours of sleep? I'm exhausted.