Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cold Sunday morning

Okay so our spring-like weather has disappeared, and in it's place is this really cold air, and some clouds that come and go. Even a little bit of rain, but not a whole lot. Friday late afternoon (about 5:30 or so) a cloud moved in overhead, and it absolutely poured down rain for about 10 minutes.

Yesterday I had to help at the Soroptimists Home and Garden Show. It wasn't too bad but it was just time away that I didn't need to spend. I should have gone into work but oh well. I was really tired, because Friday night I didn't sleep well for some reason. I kept waking up a lot and had some intestinal issues. I don't know what I ate, but it didn't agree with me. Bill had taken me out to Italian Cottage that night, and we both had the same thing. Maybe it was something I'd eaten earlier that day. I was tired all day, so I went to bed early last night, and I slept great last night, thankfully. ZBut that means I woke up early, and its about 6:45am right now.

We had Mark and Candice over for dinner last night. We hadn't seen them in a couple of weeks, so it was good to catch up with them. You know, it's interesting that since Mark has turned 25, he's been making a lot smarter decisions. For instance, I was talking to him on the phone yesterday, making plans for them coming over, and I asked him what happened to his cell phone. I'd tried to call it and it was disconnected. He said, "Yeah, I had enough money to pay my cell phone bill or buy food, so I bought some food."


You could have knocked me over with a feather. What a mature decision!! He has Metro PCS, so it's not like he has to pay it. There's no penalty with Metro. He's finally growing up and taking some responsibility. Before, he would have paid his cell phone bill and then would have asked me for some food money. Yay Mark!

Scott is another story. My smart son with a bright future has taken a dark path . . . I just hope that when he turns 25, that he makes smarter decisions. Sadly, he's just 20 right now. That's a lot of years to screw up.

Well, Bill talked with Jessica on the phone yesterday, and apparently the June 7th date is still on for the wedding. Last time we spoke with her on the phone, she had said that they may have to get married at the courthouse with a justice of the peace because they couldn't afford a big church wedding (neither can we!). So we put off purchasing any plane tickets until she decided, because courthouse weddings have to be Monday through Friday. When we spoke with her yesterday, she said the brother of a friend of theirs is a justice of the peace or something, and will be marrying them on that Saturday, the 7th.

We'll have to find out if/when my SIL's and their families, and my FIL is going to go, and how to maximize our time back there. If we could work in a visit with them while we're back there, we could stay for a few days and go to the wedding AND visit the fam, then that would be good, since we won't be able to go back for Christmas.

Jessica just has to know that she CAN'T change her mind once we purchase our plane tickets. I mean she can't change her mind about the date. If she decides to cancel it altogether I don't want her to feel obligated to go through with it because we bought plane tickets. If she canceled the whole thing, we could still go back and visit the in-laws. But once we purchase the plane tickets, she can't go changing the date. Those tickets will be nonrefundable, so she'd have to know that if she changed it we probably couldn't come.

Anyway, no big plans for today -- maybe some grocery shopping and maybe a nap. Nice!

Have a great Sunday!