Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Arrogant bosses (Rated PG)

One of the blogs I read has this Chick (that's a link, btw) who writes really edgy stuff, and often very poignant and somtimes sad and occasionally very angry. Today, she wrote about one of her bosses who treated her like she was less than important. That reminded me of a boss I once had. I actually posted this story in the comment section of her post, but I decided the subject was worthy of a post of my own, and I plagarized my own stuff from the comment I left on her blog. Not that I needed to explain all that? But I figured if she or anyone else saw this same info in the comment section of her blog and then saw it here, they'd think I was a dumbass, so there ya go. I'm explaining too much, aren't I?!? LOL

Anyway . . .

This boss absolutely thrived on intimidating the staff; especially the female clerial staff, who felt powerless and low on the totem pole to begin with. This organization invented the words "Good ol' boy network." He was King of the I-have-a-penis-so-I-am-more-important-than-you tribe (they're related to the You-have-a-vagina-and-thus-need-to-make-me-copies-and-bring-me-coffee tribe).

What he would do, whether he had something good to tell you, or something bad -- he'd march over to your desk, stand over you and say, "I want to see you in my office NOW!" So you go, trying not to pee your pants and trembling in your shoes, figuring you were SO fired; everyone else looking at you in pity while you did the Dead-Employee-Walking march across the building to his office.

Then he'd ask you to close the door and sit there and glower at you for a few minutes without saying anything, while you tested the limits of your deodorant. Then he'd either start yelling at you (which of course promptly made you cry) or he'd break out into a smile and tell you something wonderful you'd done. Holy crap. It was the scariest thing ever. And when he yelled? He threw things. Like coffee cups. Once he threw a chair! No shit.

And when he gets really mad and you happen to stray into his path? He makes you go out into the back lot and pick up rocks. No lie! And if you refuse? He fires you for insubordination. Seriously!

Yeah. That's why I don't work there anymore.

He was the owner of the company, so its not like we could complain to his boss! But that was 10+ years ago. Now they have hostile work environment and all that other stuff.

My guess? Is that he still likes to throw his weight around. Once an arrogant bastard, always an arrogant bastard.