Monday, February 25, 2008

Bootlegging a signal

Still bootlegging our neighbor's wireless signal so I won't post long here. Besides, I'm really really tired. I finished cleaning about 4pm and did the walk through with the management -- it's fine. Just a few touch ups, but I was too tired to fix 'em. We'll get most of our deposit back, anyway. I'm so so so glad to be all done and out of there.

Our new place looks like a bomb went off inside, but at least we're done. All of our stuff is here, and it is so nice to have all this room to put everything in! We no longer have to jam our vacuum into the coat closet; we can put it in one of our spare rooms!! Nice. Plus, all of the kids's stuff is out of our house. Every bit of it. Just have to get their stuff out of our storage!! Heck, we have to get OUR stuff out of our storage! Now that we've got higher rent, we need to not pay storage rent, too. We have a LOT of crap!!

Anyway, when I get everything put together I'll post some pics. Probably won't be for a week or two. Right now, I don't feel like I could lift a piece of paper, let alone a box!

Yikes. My aching back!


CuisineMadeEasy said...

Glad you guys got moved in okay! I don't envy you - but I'm sure the extra space is worth it.