Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Okay you want to hear something ironic??

So when we moved, we changed our phone number, because we were always getting calls for my kids, including some collection calls for money they owe. We figured this would be a good way for us to get a fresh start, and would be a number that was just for the two of us. That way, we'd know when the phone rang, it would be someone for us, and not a telemarketer, collection agent, and so forth.


The phone number we got must have been relased by its previous owner for, oh, five minutes before we got it. And they changed their number? For the same reason.


The very first phone call we got was from -- you got it -- a collection agency. Since then, we've received three more collection calls for the same person, from three different agencies.

The worse irony? Besides getting collection calls at a phone number we switched to in order to get away from collection calls? We get more collection calls on this phone number than we did before.

We defeated our purpose. And went to all the trouble of changing our phone number.

For freakin' NOTHING. For a WORSE situation than we had. These collection people? Are mean. Whoever had this phone number before us, must owe some serious money. To a lot of really angry people. Geesh.