Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, for the Love of Mike

Well, I'm having second thoughts. And third thoughts. And seriously regretting submitting my blog to Ask and Ye Shall Receive. Apparently this gives everyone out there permission to declare Open Season on my blog!

You know, I can take criticism to a point. But this? Is MY blog. I can write about any damn thing I please. I can talk about 45 different subjects in one post if I want to. I realize the comment that was left (and I subsequently removed) was meant in a constructive criticism way, and wasn't meant to be mean, but still, I say WTF???? You see, I didn't realize there were blog "rules." Apparently there are! And you're only allowed one subject per post. My mistake. **eye roll**.

C'mon guys . . . leave me alone, 'kay?!? Geez. What did I ever do to you?!?

That having been said, if you don't like that I blog as a "diary" then please don't read my blog. This IS a diary; a way to let friends and relatives we don't have daily contact with, know what is going on in our lives. If it's boring? Sorry!! Don't read it!

Mea culpa for submitting my blog to Ask And Ye Shall Receive. I never should have asked. 'Cuz boy, am I receiving!!

My blog is my blog, and I'll make it whatever makes me happy. Ugh. I guess I'll just have to create a "real" blog with one subject per post, and scintillating commentary so the critics out there will leave me alone. This one? Is just for me, and my family. I am sorry if I thought it was interesting to anyone else. *sigh*.

Later . . . in the evening
P.S. I realize the tone of this post seems angry, but it's really not. Its meant to be more . . . disgusted and fed-up, I guess. Partly at myself, because I put my blog out there, and partly at the "blogger community" who apparently think they can tell others how to write their blogs.


CuisineMadeEasy said...

If it makes you feel better I love your blog. It helps me know what is going on with you guys. Ie. Bill sick, you going to Arkansas. I say who cares what others think -all that matters is what you think!



PS - Thanks for the bday card!

The Huffs said...

Thanks, Jennie!! Glad someone likes it! :-) Happy birthday!!!

Hahn at Home said...

Hi - I submitted my blog over a year ago. It helped me immeasurably. I did not and still do not have a cool template like yours. They fillet everyone, that's their schtick. But, you submitted. They warned you. You saw the other reviews. And, in there somewhere, you might see they might have had some points to ponder. Just a thought. And, you're right, it is your blog.

The Huffs said...

Hahn -- yes I see what you mean, and I knew what I was gonna get with the Ask website, because after all, their url is "wewillfuckingtearyouapart" so I kinda knew that, well, they would tear me apart! And they had some constructive things to say. I didn't have a problem with what the people at Ask had to say. It was a comment I received from someone who found my blog by reading the post on Ask, and basically told me that 1)my blog was boring; 2) blogs aren't supposed to be diaries; and 3) I should stick to one subject per post.


I didn't know there were blog "rules." And my feeling is, that this IS a diary of sorts, and if that's not someone's cup of tea, then they don't have to read it. I didn't understand why that person (who wasn't an Ask contributor; he/she was just a reader) thought that they could tell me what I should and shouldn't put in my blog. Each blog is unique and serves a unique purpose. Mine serves a purpose in that I enjoy writing it, and I don't have time to write individual emails and/or letters to friends and family, and this way they can catch up on what's going on with us.

Yes, I did submit my blog to Ask, and yes I understood the risks therein. And I didn't have a problem with what THEY had to say. What I didn't expect was OTHER people coming by to criticize it. That's just not okay.

But thanks for your input, and yes I understand what you're saying. :-)

love bites said...

the post you deleted that so offended you was actually from me. we all have "secret identities" on ask because people when reviewed have had a tendency to flip out when getting what they asked for. Sorry for any confusion.

There is no vast blogger conspiracy bent on critiquing your blog. There is only me, and I was responding to your post in which you were talking about how difficult it is to stay motivated to find topics to blog about. There is a reason for that, as anyone like me who has blogged for 3+ years now can tell you.