Friday, February 01, 2008

Sick house

Well, Bill's cold, or bronchitis, or whatever it is, is getting worse. He sounds awful, says his lungs hurt when he coughs, his nose is running, he sneezes, he's hoarse. But will he go to the doctor?!? He is such a man!! LOL I'm thinking he has bronchitis at the least; pneumonia at the worst. I am now beginning to develop symptoms. I'm coughing, wheezing, beginning to get a runny nose, feel a little achy. The cough is the worst. I have some coedine cough medicine from when I was sick last year, and I took it last night so I could sleep. Holy cow! I slept like a baby, but I was so groggy when I woke up, it was all I could do to get to work today! Yikes! I think I probably have bronchitis. I wish I could just call my doctor and get a Z-pack without having to go in. But of course it's the weekend so -- fat chance. I really don't want to go to Prompt Care tomorrow, but if I do need antibiotics, then I really do need to go asap, so I can be mostly better by next Wednesday! I've got to get on a plane next Wednesday, and flying with a cold sucks!

Yesterday, I got a really nice surprise when I got back into the office after lunch! Bill had sent me some flowers "just because." Okay you can go "awwwwww!" now. He's such a sweetheart!! They are really beautiful. Here's a picture of them:

They have a beautiful green square vase, and some unusual flowers.

I think there's a Bird of Paradise in there, some Iris, and some other beautiful flowers.

When one of the other managers came into my office today, he gaped at the flowers and said (jokingly) "Man, your husband has to knock it off! He's making the rest of us look bad!!" heh

I am so spoiled!! :-)