Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quick post . . .

Just a Blog 365 posting. Nothing new to report. Went out to breakfast this morning; got up and out early which was nice. Went to Costco and got there right after it opened, so the crowd wasn't bad, which was great! We also went by SuperCuts and Bill got his hair cut.

Bill isn't feeling well; has some kind of virus which has given him a really stiff neck, achy bones, and chills and a fever. No fun! Poor guy. I just hope I don't get it, 'cuz I've got to get on a plane a week from Wednesday. Don't want to be sick on my trip!

I went to Raley's and did some grocery shopping this afternoon, then came home and took a nap! That was nice. Then I popped the meatloaf in the oven I got from Costco. That was a great dinner; the meatloaf was delicious and I loved not having to fix anything! :-)

All for now. Tomorrow is laundry and taking care of poor sick Bill.


Growininwillows said...

Oh dear....sounds like Bill has what has been going what we have...I had the hot/cold chills, achy body, etc....I still have it, so it is a long drawn out deal...I would say go to the dr and get meds.

I feel for ya!

Major Bedhead said...

Hey...So, I installed this widget on my blog that tells me where people are coming from who read me and I saw your blog name. Being curious (and nosy) I clicked over and lo and behold, you've got me on your blog roll. I'm guessing you found me thru Bean & Sprout?

Anyway. Thanks for reading. Oh, and you're braver than I am - I've never submitted my blog for a review. It scares the pants off me. And no one wants to see that.

(BTW, I love your background on here. It's beautiful.)