Sunday, January 27, 2008

Makin' New Friends . . . . hello, Lurkers!!

Well, how fun is this?!? A direct result of my submitting my blog to the "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" review website, was the revamping of my blog. I took the suggestions of the individual who critiqued it, and made a few changes. One thing was taking out our first names and our picture, and our location. Now, if you read some of my older posts, it would be pretty easy to figure out where we live, and what our names are. In fact, I am still using our first names in this blog. I probably should change that, but I don't know what to call us.

But anyway, that's for later. One of the things suggested, was to put my blogroll on my blog. There are lots of blogs I follow, but I've just had them bookmarked in my browser, and didn't identify them as links on my blog. And, to be honest, I've just been lurkers on most of the blogs; maybe occasionally commmenting. Well, I created my blogroll with links to the blogs I follow, and one of them commented on here that she noticed that I'd linked to her blog. How fun is that?!? I commented back on her blog, too. So be sure and take a gander at her blog, Major Bedhead (this is a link, too, but of course you can't tell unless you mouse over it. **eye roll**).

Thanks to Major Bedhead for allowing me to link to her blog, and for stopping by and saying hello.

So here's what I propose: I have site meter, and I see the visitor counter going up. So if you stop by? Say hello! Leave a comment. I'll temporarily allow comments without monitoring, 'cuz I'd love to hear from you! Say hello and where you're from. It's amazing how this blog thing brings everyone together. It will be fun to say hello to old and new friends alike!

p.s Bill is feeling MUCH better today. His fever broke in the middle of the night, and his achiness is nearly gone. He still is popping ibuprofen, but feels 100% better. Thank goodness! My friend on "Growin' in Willows" said everyone in her house has been sick with similar symptoms, but theirs has hung on for DAYS! Thankfully, Bill's seems to have been just a 24 or 48 hour virus. He started coming down with it on Friday, but it really hit him hard on Saturday. The good news, is he is on the mend, and it didn't last long. Yay!

Also, one of the things we did today was go to Scott's new apt. for the first time. He's lived there offically for about a month now, and today was the first time we saw it. It's a very nice 3 bedroom, 1 bath that he shares with two roommates. It's a typical bachelor pad, but it seems like a good place for him. He's finding all about having to pay bills, car payment, insurance, all of that.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Enjoy the week ahead!


love bites said...

See, we're not really as hostile as we seem. The attitude is really a calculated pose to hide the fact that we actually love ya'll.

well, at least, a little. ;)

Corrina said...

I love the layout. I have no idea what it looked like before- but this is nice and clean. :-) Oh and I found you via the "Ask And Ye Shall Receive" blog too. Someone suggested I submit my blog, but I'm scared. lol

The Huffs said...

Corrina . . . be afraid. Be very afraid! LOL

j/k heh