Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Perfect Saturday in November

We have been so lucky this fall with our weather. We have had just the perfect fall weather. No rain, unfortunately, because we really need it, but we have had two months of absolutely gorgeous weather. We were lucky and quit having weather in the 90s as early as September, which means our Indian summer was really mild. We've had some temps in the 80s but nothing to complain about. Our days are balmy, the trees are gorgeous and it's just been a really pleasant fall. I don't care for winter; I wish we could just have this weather until Spring, then skip summer -- and so forth. That would be great! :-)

Today, Bill and I got up and were out of the house by about 8:30. We went to breakfast at Country Waffle, which wasw enjoyable. Then we went by the truck place and ordered a shell for Bill's pickup! We also ordered a bedliner that is like a carpet. It's a plastic material, but it smooths out the bumps in the bed, and the "camper" shell is a high one, so that we can go camping in it! It will be easy to throw down a pad and a couple of sleeping bags, and have a nice place to sleep. Maybe next summer we can get away for a few weekends, over to the coast, without incuring a lot of expense, and without sleeping anywhere near the ground! LOL It will be here in 3 weeks. We are looking forward to getting it installed, and the liner, too. I'll post pictures after we get it in. Fun!

Then we went downtown to a store called Father Time. We were going to get Bill's pocketwatch checked out that his grandfather gave him. At our Soroptimists meeting last week, they had an antiques appraiser there, and I took Bill's watch in. The appraiser said the watch was worth about $175, and the chain worth about $90. She said that Elgin, who made the watch, always put a serial number inside each watch, and if we could get it open, it would tell us exactly when it was purchased. We don't know the provenance of the watch, other than the fact that it was Bill's grandfather's, who was born in 1900. The appraiser suggested we take it to Father Time to have it cleaned and oiled, and to look at the serial number inside to date it. She recommended Father Time downtown, so we went by today. However, he only has limited hours (Tues., Wed., and Thurs.) or by appointment. So we decided that I would take it by on Wednesday when I am off work. It will be fun and interesting to find out about it!

We went home after that, and Bill watched some football and I watched some TV. Then I went out and did some shopping, including a few things for Thanksgiving dinner, and a couple of Christmas gifts. Don't be jealous, but I'm about halfway through my Christmas shopping!! :-)

This evening, I went over to the mall to work the Festival of Giving with other WTC staff. We get 1/5th of the door take from the event. I also got a chance to do some shopping, and I bought a new purse (my other one broke), a pair of sweats (I tore a hole in the others), and a gift for Bill's dad for Christmas. I "saved" $58. Bill says that's faulty logic, that you "save" money by spending it, but truly if you are buying things that you have to purchase regardless, then getting them on sale IS saving money. Makes sense to me! Makes sense to every other woman I know, and doesn't make sense to most men I know. LOL

Well, Mark got a job; it's seasonal, but it's a job. If he can prove himself, then hopefully they will keep him on after the Christmas season. He has GOT to find himself a decent job and learn how to keep it!! Geesh. Thankfully Scott's job is still going strong. Having a car payment to make is really good incentive to keep his job! Mark is working at Best Buy. The good new is, that he can purchase items for us at his discount!! Yahoo! :-)

Well, we still have to grocery shop tomorrow, but hopefully we will be able to relax, also. Today ended up being a busy day! Then I only work two days next week -- yahoo! Wednesday will be a busy one for me, getting ready for company. Mom and Dad, Aunt Wanda, Uncle Al and Dan will all be here Wednesday night. We will have pizza for supper. Then I plan to have Tahoe Brunch for breakfast on Thursday, and then of course, Thanksgiving dinner that afternoon! I've been a bit worried that the turkey breast from the Marie Callendar's dinner won't be quite enough to feed us, and the dinner is expensive enough that I don't want to purchase a whole other turkey breast. Besides, that would be too much meat. I had been in a quandry about what to do, and then I saw in the Raley's ad that they have pre-cooked turkey breasts for sale (small ones -- 20 oz) for about $8.00 apiece. I could get a couple of those, and that will fill in the dinner nicely. I just hope that I get there early enough on Wednesday to get some before they sell out!

Well, I guess that's enough rambling for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!