Wednesday, November 14, 2007

364 Days to go . . .

. . . until the next Turkey Dinner!! Yahoo! I know that Nov. 13, 2008 will be here before we know it, but at least it won't be so early next year. Since Nov. 1st was on a Thursday, that means our Turkey Dinner, which is always the 2nd Thursday in November, was really early this year, and of course Thanksgiving is also early, since it is always the 4th Thursday in November. Being on Nov. 22nd, that means that Thanksgiving is more than a month before Christams, an unusual event. Usually it's closer to 3 weeks before. But I digress.

The Turkey Dinner was a resounding success, and I am still trying to recouperate. Funny thing about reaching midlife -- you don't bounce back the way you used to when you were, say, 30 or so. Yikes! Now I've got to clear my desk of the month's worth of work that has compiled while I was consumed with the Turkey Dinner.

My parents had to come to Chico to take care of some banking business, and so they timed it so they were here the night of the event, and they attended. I was very excited that they came. Bill came, too, of course, as did Mark. Scott had to work. We served about 1150 paid dinners, and if you add in the volunteers, we probably served closer to 1300 dinners. Whew!! I don't know what the numbers are this year, but ticket sales is $9,000 or so. We shall see what the raffle brought in. Of course, I have to subtract expenses, too.

What a huge effort this was! I was so utterly exhausted by the end of the evening, I could hardly move. I took Friday off work, which was a blessing. Mom and Dad took me out to breakfast and then I ended up calling in sick on Monday. I was still recovering, and had a really severe headache (borderline migraine). I figured I needed the extra day, anyway.

Of course, work doesn't stop -- I now have to begin planning the Winter Newsletter that comes out in February, the Friends of WTC dinner (also in February), and the Taste of the Foothills fundraiser in April!!! Onward and upward! Job security, no doubt. The neat thing is that I got many, many compliments on how well organized the turkey dinner was, compared to previous years. Not to knock my predecessor; he certainly did an excellent job. I am just very, very organized, and probably worked myself harder than I needed to because of it. Oh well, at least things went smoothly, despite my being unsure as to how things were supposed to go.

Whew! I'm just glad it's over.

Here are some pics:

Setting up:

My friend Corky from Ray Morgan Company (also Bill's co-worker)

The raffle

The crowd

Kitchen helpers

My mom and dad:

Bill and Mark:

Whew! And now, somehow, I've got to put together Thanksgiving dinner for my family a week from Thursday . . . GAAAAAAAAH!! heehee

I got to have lunch with my friend Alicia and her son Justin yesterday. Justin is 9 months old and adorable. It was so much fun to see her and visit with her. Fun to have a little "girl time." (except for Justin, but he can't talk yet, so it's okay) LOL

Oh well, hope everyone has a great week!!