Monday, November 19, 2007

It is so not fair . . .

. . . to get sick the week of Thanksgiving!!! What is up with that. I managed to stay well through Bill and everyone in my office getting that cold/creeping crud that is going around, and now, when I have company coming in three (count 'em THREE) days, and I get sick. Phhhhhhthhhbbbb. That's me doing a raspberry at the cruelty of life. Geesh. I started getting a sore throat at work today, and I started to develop a cough. I could feel it coming on, and it seems to have settled in my chest. I have lost my voice, filling Bill with glee. "Gee honey," he says, "Now I can do whatever I want and you can't yell at me!" Yeah right. I'm a mom. I have The Look. The Look has dropped grown men to their knees. So don't mess with me, man, even if I can't talk. *sigh*

No actually I can't complain. Bill has been very solicitious. Oh, and on top of this cold/chest/voice thing, I burnt my arm on the oven while making dinner. Man that sucks. I wouldn't even have had to make dinner, but I had promised Justin I would fix him dinner if he would come over and fix our wireless that I so thoroughly screwed up while trying to "fix" it. Amateurs; whaddya do. Anyway, Justin is our IT Tech at work, a starving college student who does work for people after hours for food. Yeah, there is actually someone out there who WILL "work for food." But we also paid him for his time. He did SUCH a great job, and it only took him half an hour. He fixed the wireless problem, set up a network and networked in our desktop computer, and even made it so we can print wirelessly from our laptop!!! Yahoo!!! OMG it is SO great not to have to drag around a 25' ethernet cord that was attached to our laptop like an umbillical cord. What a pain that was! Boy, what you can do when you know what you're doing. He only wanted to charge us $10, but we paid him $25 which was certainly well worth it. He threw in setting up so we could print wirelessly from our laptop. It's so cool. :-)

So that's our latest. Not very exciting I know, but I love our life. We have fun. Tomorrow at work will be interesting, with no voice. I guess I won't be talking on the phone much, since pretty much all I can do is squeak. And they say it's not good for your vocal cords to try and talk when you have laryngitis. I think I wish I'd taken sign language in school. Not that anyone I know would be able to understand me if I did. . . oh well.

Enjoy your week! And have a happy Thanksgiving!