Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy day after Thanksgiving!

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day yesterday. I had a great day, as my mom and my aunt made me rest while they did most of the work. Actually I felt too guilty just sitting there, so I definitely got involved, but they did most of the work, including the cleanup. Thank you, Mom and Aunt Wanda!! Thankfully, I was feeling a little better by yesterday, and a little better today. Boy this thing really kicked the legs out from underneath me! What I didn't expect was the lack of energy. I tire easily. But I should be all better by Monday, just in time to go to work. Gre-e-e-e-at. Sick the whole five days off; better in time to work. Yippee skippy!

My family arrived late in the afternoon on Wednesday, and we had a nice visit. We went to Papa Murphy's and picked up some pizza. Then we ate pizza and visited. I had been so busy doing everything on Wednesday, I was exhausted by the end of the day, and so they left for their motel early -- about 8:00.

They arrived back at our place yesterday morning about 8:30 am. We had a nice day of visiting and since the meal was prepared, we only had to reheat it, starting about 1pm. I had gotten a pre-prepared meal from Marie Callendar's, and it was delicious! We ate about 3:30 and what a great meal it was! Definitely something to keep in mind for next year. It was expensive but worth it. Very yummy! I highly recommend it.

This morning, we met Mom, Dad, Aunt Wanda, Uncle Al, and Dan over at Denny's for breakfast. They were jammed, with a half-hour wait time for a table, so we called over the Country Waffle just across the street, and they had no wait time. We told them we were on our way, and there would be seven of us, and when we got there, our table was ready! Much better. It's better than Denny's anyway. They have great food, and a nice atmosphere. We had a nice time eating and visiting. They took off for home about 10:15 or so. Bill and I came home and Bill started some laundry and took the hard drive out of our old laptop. Uncle Al told us about a hard drive reader thing we could get that hooks in with a USB to our new laptop, and we should be able to get all the info off of the old hard drive onto our new computer. Yay! So Bill took out the hard drive off the old laptop, and we will take it with us when we shop for the reader thing to make sure we get the right size.

Unfortunately, Bill is on call this week, and even though today is a holiday, he's already had two calls. As he said, this isn't going to be a holiday for him. Poor guy. I've already decided I will finish his laundry for him, including his ironing. In the meantime, I replaced my dishes with my Christmas dishes, to be used until after Christmas. I put away the old ones, because I figured I might as well get some use out of the dishes. I have the Pfaltzgraph Winterberry dishes, and I really like them. Fun! :-)

Anyway, if I can catch Bill between calls, hopefully we can go over to Best Buy and look for the reader thing. I'm so excited to have three whole more days off!! Yahoo! Hopefully Bill won't have too many calls this weekend. I feel guilty having fun when he's having to work! :-(

Anyway, I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with friends and family. I feel lucky to have such a wonderful extended family. Not everyone has that.