Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to work . . .

Well, tomorrow it's back to work once again. :-( It was sure nice having five (six if you count my sick day) days off work, even though being sick made it not-so-fun. It's like Bill said, it would be nice someday to have four days off when you didn't have to have company, entertain anyone, or run around and do a bunch of errands! Maybe someday. It seems like every time we get a few extra vacation days to spend, something family comes up. Not that I'm complaining, mind you; family is a wonderful thing. But hopefully someday soon we will actually be able to take a few days off for ourselves -- a vacation! Gee, imagine that.

But I for one certainly cannot complain, as our PTO system at work is very generous, and I have significantly more days to spend then does Bill. In fact, I have four more weeks until I have 11 days off work -- but I only have to use three PTO days to get it!! Wooohoo!! Since both Christmas and New Year's Day are on Tuesdays, our work has given us the Mondays (the 24th and the 31st)off as holidays, making them four day weekends. That means that since I am taking PTO days on Wed. the 26th, Thurs., the 27th, and Fri. the 28th, I don't have to be back at work until Wed., January 2nd!! I like that!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I have no photos to post from Thanksgiving, since I was so busy, and not feeling so great, it was all I could do to get through the day, let alone take photos. I can't believe that I totally forgot taking pictures. DUH! Smack myself in the forehead. Oh well. Christmas we are pretty much on our own, as my folks are going to my brother and his wife's house for Christmas (not only am I not invited, I don't even want to go -- long story, don't even ask). My aunt and uncle and cousin are staying home in Etna because my cousin Claudia is going up there for Christmas, so it's just Bill and I here, and my kids and their g/fs, of course. That's okay; Mom and Dad will stop by here on the way to my brother's and we'll exchange gifts then. We got the Christmas decorations out of the storage this weekend, and we'll get a tree either next weekend or the weekend after. I hate to get it too early; then it just gets all dried out by the time Christmas is here. On the other hand, the good trees get picked over if you wait too long!

Well, I'm tired and I need to get off of here and get to bed. Hard to get back into the work routine tomorrow, but gotta do it. G'night.