Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday afternoon, and so I got home a little early. Bill was already home, so we decided to go ahead and get our Christmas tree. We hadn't planned to get it until this weekend, but we decided to take advantage of the extra time that day. Besides, we wanted to get it set up before this weekend.

We bought it from a lot by Mervyn's that keeps their trees upright and in water, so they seemed fresher than the others around town. Plus it was really easy to see the trees and pick out a good one. Their prices were reasonable, also. I just love having a pickup truck, because it makes things like this SO easy. We brought it home and set it up in the stand. We didn't feel like getting it decorated, because we practically had to rearrrange the living room to get it inside! It's amazing how small the tree looks on the lot, but when we got it inside, it's HUGE.

Then yesterday Bill cut off some of the bottom branches to make it look better and to make it easier to put presents under it and to get it watered. Then this evening, we decided to deocrate it! Well, Bill helped put the lights on; I did the rest. I hate decorating a tree by myself, but oh well. I am usually the only one in my house enthused at all about decorating. My kids never really wanted to decorate with me, either. It's times like these I wish I'd had a girl. But oh well. It got decorated.

Here are some pics:

The tree when we first got it home and in the stand:

The tree after Bill cut the lower branches:

Beginning to decorate:

With the lights:

All done!

Merry Christmas, everyone!