Saturday, November 03, 2007

15 Minutes of Fame . . .

Well, I think I've had my 15 minutes of fame!! Remember a couple of weeks ago, I said that the Chico Enterprise-Record (known as the "E-R") interviewed me for a feature called "Inner View"? Well, it finally came out last week, and I forgot to blog about it!! Here's the link to the article. Click on the word "article" -- it has the link.

Wow and I am STILL getting response from the article! Almost every day, someone comes up to me and says "I saw you in the paper the other day." My old boss from Ray Morgan Company, Jim Scarff, who is the CEO, called me up the other day and said he was really impressed with my accomplishments and we talked a lot about safety and how I reduced our worker's comp rates. He was really amazed!! It was so much fun. A bit embarassing, but so much fun.

One thing that was in the printed article that wasn't in the online one, was a sidebar called "Other things" or something like that. It listed my age as 50. FIFTY!!! Holy crap, people I won't be 50 for 10 more months! I'm 49, for crying out loud!! **sigh** That is just so not fair.

Oh, and one other thing they got wrong, was that Bill and I met at work, which we didn't. We met online; it just so happened that we both worked for the same company (Ray Morgan) but at completely different times. Geesh. Oh well.

So there ya go! My 15 minutes of fame. I was overwhelmed.