Saturday, October 27, 2007

Not much new to report

Things have been crazy at work for me as it gets closer to the Turkey Dinner. We're less than two weeks out, and I wake up at night in a cold sweat (no, not THOSE kinds of night sweats; not yet anyway!!) worrying about getting everything done. I've got the turkey in the walk-in at Safeway thawing, I've purchased all the consumables except the perishables, which I will purchase on Nov. 5th, and now I've got to work on all the volunteer schedules and stuff. OMG I hope I have enough volunteers!! Yikes. We serve about 1200 dinners in a three-hour period, and this involves over 1000 lbs. of turkey, 10 cases of green beans, 3000 rolls, and so on and so forth. Wowzers. The week of the Turkey Dinner we will be slammed trying to get everything done. I will be going at full tilt. Since this is the first year i've been in charge of it, I am REALLY nervous. If you want to find out more about it (and I hope if you're in the area that you will attend!), here's the link to our website, and you can click on the Turkey Dinner link on the left. (I put the link on the word "website". This blog format doesn't show that a word is a link until you mouse over it.)

Wednesday (on Halloween!!) I will be officially joining the Soroptimists. They will be inducting us at the lunch meeting. I hope they don't make us do anything stupid. You know how much I LOVE feeling stupid!! (NOT)

Today, Bill and I cleaned house, turned in our recycling for some cash, and turned in Bill's change jar for some cash, and now we each have our spending money for the week! I've got pork chops in the oven and they are smelling SO good! I'm hungry. Tomorrow I need to wash my car; it's filthy!! I also should go into work while its quiet to get some work done. Monday I have my six month performance evaluation on Monday -- YIKES!! I guess they will be keeping me, because Carl was making plans for next year with me. LOL

Well, I need to get the rice started for dinner. Like I said, nothing exciting to report! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.