Saturday, October 06, 2007

A babbling idiot . . . WARNING rated PG

I was watching the episode of "Bones" that I had TiVo'd, and just a few minutes into the show, a character was introduced -- Special Agent Frost from the Bomb Unit. I don't know if you're familiar with the show "Bones," but Special Agengt Booth brought in the lady bomb specialist to work just for this episode, on a minivan that had been blown up. Booth assigned her to work with Hodgins, one of the scientists at the Smithsonian, who is currently engaged to one of the other characters.

Anyway, this Special Agent Frost is brought into the Smithsonian, and assigned to Hodgins, and she is hot. I mean stop-traffic hot. At least she would be if you're a GUY. I mean, to me, she is just a skinny bitch! LOL Anyway, she has big boobs and of course she is wearing a push-up bra and a low cut blouse and a figure-hugging suit. Because all Special Agents with the FBI dress like that, don't they. Yeah. Sure they do.


I am so glad that I had this episode TiVo'd, because it is so absolutely classic. She is standing a few steps above where Hodgins is standing, and so of course this puts her fabulous cleavage right about at Hogdins' eye level. When he turns around and sees her standing there, the camera shows his eyes popping out of his head, and his jaw drops, and he just stares -- right at her cleavage. I played this section over several times and absolutely howled with laughter. The writer of this show deserves an Emmy or whatever they get for TV. What is it about a beautiful woman with a HOT body that makes a man go all goofy?!? I'm guessing because the blood all drains out of their heads into their . . . . well you know.

So he turns around and does the eye-popping, jaw dropping thing, then this is what he says. And I am quoting this. I think it is absolutely pound-the-desk hysterical. Booth says to Hodgins, "She'll be working with you, Hodgins." Hodgins, at this point, can't really get his tongue to work because it's hanging out of his mouth and flopping around on the floor. He says, -- and while he's saying it, he's absolutely staring at her cleavage, he can hardly breathe let alone talk, and he says,

"Yes, please! What? No! Um. Hmmmm? Jaaaa...Hodgins. ddrrr.. doc...Doctor. Mmooh?....okay?"

She cocks her head to the side and says, "I beg your pardon?" Then Hodgins girlfriend is just watching him from the side and grinning at him as he makes a complete fool of himself. If you could have seen him, trying to talk as he was staring at this woman -- it was absolutely classic!!! He couldn't even speak! Oh my goodness that was one of the funniest things I've seen on TV in a LONG time. I wish I could capture it here.