Saturday, October 06, 2007

Missing my sweetie already . . .

Bill left this morning for southern California about 7:30am. He hopes to get down to Ridgecrest about 6pm. He might actually be able to do it, since I won't be with him and having to have pee stops every 2 hours. How I ever got such a weak bladder is beyond me. Maybe it was having 2 kids, and being almost 50. (Oh I HATE that f-word!) LOL

I miss Bill and am looking forward to him being home on Tuesday, but I also will enjoy this time by myself. I don't think I'd want it all the time, but it is very nice once in awhile. I think I must be one of those people who is more of a loner than most. I don't mind my own company and I can do whatever I want to do. I guess it is probably more of a selfish trait than anything else, but it is nice to have a little "me" time this weekend.

My friend Alicia has a blog, and I read the blogs of some of her friends and family, and some of their friends, and it is so fun to be a "lurker" on blogs of people I don't even know. After awhile, you start to feel like you really know these people after following their blogs, and I get sad when something sad happens, and happy when something happy happens. What a fun experience this blogging thing has become. A community of strangers brought together by the power of the internet. It is truly amazing.

And it makes me realize that I truly have moved to a different stage in my life, because Alicia and all of her friends and relatives are still at the pregnancy, baby, and toddler stage, and wow I am so done with all of that. I sure do enjoy seeing all the babies and toddlers and their fun antics. I remember all of that, and it doesn't seem so long ago, but then I realize that Scott, my youngest son, will be 20 in November!! Wowzers how did that happen. And then I have a toddler step-grandson, so of course the cycle of life starts all over again. Each stage of life is fun and interesting, and I am enjoying this stage of my life. I am glad to be done with parenting, but I am enjoying other people's children and babies (as long as they aren't screaming in the next booth in the restaurant!!) LOL

Anyway, I am enjoying the peace and quiet here at home. I need to get busy and clean up the apartment, and then maybe do some shopping, and I want to rent a couple of chick flicks for tonight. I got my favorite ice cream last night, and I am looking forward to chick flicks and ice cream tonight! Hope I don't fall asleep!

Happy Saturday, everyone!