Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More pics

Well, once again not a lot to blog about. But I took some pics of the hall bathroom in our new place, so I thought I'd post them. I am happy with the way it turned out -- the only thing I need is a picture or two for the wall above the towel racks. It is so hard to get a good picture of everything because I can't zoom out far enough and it's hard to get a good angle, because by the time you're back far enough, you can't see in!!

I'll eventually get some pics of the master bathroom, with my favorite color aqua towels. That bathroom needs a coouple of pictures on the walls too. I'm trying to find something with ocean scenes, or lighthouses or something! It's a really tiny bathroom, so it will be hard to take pictures!

Anyway, here's the hall bath:

In this one, if you look carefully, you can see me in the corner of the mirror, reflected while I take the picture!

Anyway, this is probably not exciting to anyone but me, but it's fun! Hope everyone had a great Tuesday and has a wonderful rest of the week. The good news is that its supposed to cool down into the 80s this weekend! Wooohoo!!