Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday evening

Well, it's another weekend! Last week seemed to go really fast for some reason. But that's a good thing! We haven't been doing anything too unusual -- just puttering.

We went to the Thursday Night Farmer's Market in downtown Chico last Thursday, because we wanted to get some fresh peaches before they go out of season. This is the perfect time of year for peaches and they are SO good at the farmer's market -- fresh and ripe from the trees! It makes my mouth water thinking about them. We picked up some delicious strawberries, too, and a couple of tomaotes. YUM!

One thing that ticked us off, though, was that Taco Bell and Jack in the Box, both of which are downtown right at the top edge of the Farmer's Market, both switched off their A/C, and it must have been 100 degrees that day! What's up with that?!? I asked Scott about it, since he usually goes to that, and he said they always do that. The only thing Bill and I could figure, is that on these hot evenings, people come into those restaurants to get cool and don't order anything to eat, so in order to avoid that, they turn off (or turn up) the air conditioning. Whew! We had planned to wander through the booths, and see what kinds of things people had, then stop in one of the cool, air conditioned fast food places and take a break, cool off, and eat some dinner, then pass back down through the market and pick up our produce on the way out. Well, fuggedabout it. Never again. They just lost all our business, both Thursday nights and always. I understand their point of view, but for paying customers, that is just wrong! Geesh.

Oh well, lesson learned. It was still fun, though. Next time I want to go a little later, when the sun is behind the buildings and might be a little cooler. Whew!

Last night (Friday night) we went to Blockbuster and rented the movie "The Shooter" with Mark Wahlburg. It was REALLY good. We enjoyed that a lot. Then this morning, I had to get up EARLY and take Scott to work. he had to be at work at 7:00 am, so I stepped out of the house just five minutes after waking up (my alarm didn't go off), bleary eyed. But I made it, and got him to work on time. Whew! Unfortunately, I have to do that again tomorrow morning! :-( Yuck. Oh well, at least he's working -- can't complain about that!!

Today was a busy day. After I got home from taking Scott to work, we both showered and then went out to breakfast at Kalico Kitchen. Then Bill came home and I went to my office to do some organizing. Ever since I got promoted and took over this office, I hit the ground running and just never did find the time to organize things. I'm juggling several projects right now, and being disorganized is making my life harder. The only way to really get things done, is to come in on the weekends when the phone isn't ringing, and you're not being constantly interrupted. I went in at 10:00am, and left there at 3:00, and while I'm not completely organized with my files, I got my office all organized and everything put away, and it looks a LOT better. I don't have a before picture, but I'll have to try and get an "after" picture. It is a big office, and it finally looks great! Hopefully I can trade that five hours for some comp time, maybe on Friday. Yahoo! That would be great. That, of course, is the one single downside of being on salary -- no overtime! But that's okay -- comp time works, too!

After I got home, we went swimming and laid out in the sun. It was a nice relaxing time. We were probably out there about an hour. Nice! Then we came inside, and Bill BBQ'd some burgers, and we ate them while watching TV. Bill was going to watch the Giants game (trying to see if Barry will hit the record-tying homer!) but we decided to read our books, instead. Well, Bill's reading -- I am blogging! I will read as soon as I'm through blogging. Bill's reading the most recent Bourne Identity book, which is out in the theater as a movie, "The Bourne Ultimatum". He wants to finish the book before he sees the movie, but I'm hoping to talk him into going while it's still in the theater. I LOVE going to movies. And this would be a really cool movie to see in the theater.

Here's a picture of Bill reading his book:

Tomorrow after I take Scott to work, I'll come back here and do laundry and some chores, since I didn't get anything done around here today. I hope to get in a nap and some relaxing time, too.

Bill's two sisters, Jennie and Nancy, are in Arizona with their dad, cleaning out the house and getting it ready to sell. Bill wished he could have gone with them, but going to Chicago for his mom's funeral wiped out all his vacation time. I think he has three hours left!! Oh well. That's a huge job; I hope they are getting some help! I'm just glad that Bill's dad is finally ready to sell the house. We'll have to call them next week and see how everything went down there. I think Jennie has already headed home because she has to work next week; their dad and Nancy are coming home on Tuesday, I think.

Wednesday is our third anniversary! Bill said he will take me out to dinner that night, but we haven't decided where we'll go yet. Maybe Applebee's, since that's where we had our first date! :-)

That's about all our news for now. Have a great rest of your weekend!


Growininwillows said...

Hey, been thinking of you a lot lately. How was the Anniversary Date? Todd and had a "date" day last Saturday and it was so nice to spend time together.

Sounds like you are doing well. We will have to get together for a lunch date soon!