Thursday, June 28, 2007

On Angel's Wings

Jo passed peacefully last night (Wed., June 27) at approximately 11pm. After a long day of watching her struggling to breathe, it was sad, but yet a relief that she was with God.

We spent most of the day with her at the hospice. Bill's sisters and their spouses, Jennie's kids were there, as were one of Nancy's kids (Jennie has little ones ages 8 and 6, and Nancy's son is 30). Jo's sister, their Aunt Myrt, was there, as was their cousin and Aunt Myrt's daughter, Patty. We spent all afternoon in her room, and I think Jo really enjoyed it, because they say that hearing is the last thing to go. Jo was not responsive yesterday at all and her breathing was labored, but I'm sure she heard us. The room at the hospice was so wonderful -- not only did it have room for her bed, but there was a sitting area where all the family could gather. They have a couch and several comfortable chairs. We spent the afternoon reminiscing, and I know Jo could hear us. I think she was finally ready to go, after knowing we were all gathered together.

We had all left, except Jennie, who wanted to stay with her mom. Jennie and Nancy had planned to spend the night there. Bill and I, and his dad, sister Nancy and her husband, Aunt Myrt and Patty, and Nancy's son Paul all went out to dinner at Cracker Barrel after we left the hospice, and then we all went home and Nancy was going to go home and get her medicine and then go back to the hospice. Before Nancy could get back to the hospice, we got the call from Jennie a few minutes after 11pm that Jo had passed.

You know something weird? The radio on the clock in the room Bill and I were in went off at 11pm, all by itself, right around the time she passed away.

I'm sure today will bring a lot of arrangement-making with the funeral home and services.

Go with God, Jo! May you rest in peace.