Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No change . . .

Jo (Bill's mom) continues to decline, but there has not been a dramatic change. She sleeps most of the time but will rouse briefly if you touch her arm and speak to her, although often when roused, she does not know what is going on around her. Jennie's pastor came by yesterday and did a brief service for her, where they did a reading, a response and did what the Catholics would call "last rites," although they are Episcopalian. It was a very emotional service and really made real the fact that Jo's death is imminent. She is taking no nourishment or liquids at this point. Bill's dad's dementia doesn't allow him to hang on to the fact that Jo is dying. When presented with the obvious, he acknowledges that she is dying. Then later that same day, he'll talk about "when Jo gets better . . . " Its very sad.

This morning we will go back to hospice and keep vigil. It is possible that if she passes away later rather than sooner, that we will have to postpone going home by a few days, depending on when they can get the funeral planned.

The weather here has been interesting. It's very humid and hot, and then yesterday we had thunderstorms. We are hearing thunder this morning, too. The heavy rain cools off the temps, but the humidity is probably 100%. It's like breathing through a wet blanket! it's fun in the evenings to see the lightening bugs outside. That's something I remember from visiting my grandparents in Arkansas when I was a kid. The thunderstorms here in the midwest are exciting and nothing like the wimpy ones we have in California! Of course, the danger is that these storms can turn into tornadoes. But I enjoy the storms. And the winking lightening bugs. Definitely a different experience than California.

Well, I need to get my shower so we can go over to hospice. I will keep you posted.