Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cleaning time

Well, we're all out of the old place, and now we're in the process of cleaning it. YUCK! I thought we always did a pretty good job of keeping the place clean, but then we moved and wow there is dirt in places I didn't know could be! Guess furniture hides a lot of stuff, and I don't have time to be as thorough as I'd like. In a perfect world, I'd be rich enough to have a cleaning service, but oh well. Maybe someday. Wouldn't that be heavenly -- to have the burden of housecleaning off your plate?!? To have weekends back?!? Wow. That is one thing that Bill and I are looking forward to, is that the apartment will be SO much easier to take care of (i.e. clean) and won't be so overwhelming and such a weekend-hog. *Sigh*. I had hoped to have more of this "vacation" from work for some actual leisure, but the move has been more than I expected it to be. I guess it always is. I will have to go back to work just to rest!

We have the living room arranged in our new place, and nearly everything in it's place. The kitchen is 4/5ths there -- a few more boxes to unpack, but the daily stuff is in their places -- silverware, plates, food, and the most important appliance -- the coffeemaker!! Still haven't found the camera dock yet, so no pics yet. I have it narrowed down to two boxes, but they are both large and packed full of stuff, and I haven't had the courage to dig through them, yet. The camera dock was on our desk upstairs, which was one of the last things to be packed. By the time we got to it, we were past patience, and just swept everything off and into boxes without sorting. Oh well! We'll get there. If nothing else, I will take the chip from the camera to work, and a co-worker of mine can get it off the chip onto a flash drive for me, then I can upload them to the blog.

Did I tell you that the only negative to this place so far, is that our upstairs neighbor has a really squeaky bed?!?!? The only blessing is that this is apparently a single guy (if you catch my drift!!), but when he gets into bed and settles in, and then gets out, and gets back in, and the squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak associated with all that is REALLY annoying. I don't know what kind of bedsprings produce that kind of noise, but my vision is that he has some kind of old-fashioned bed with those iron bedsprings. I've never heard anything like it before. I can't imagine a modern-day boxspring making that kind of squeak. I don't know how he stands it himself! I think perhaps he overheard us talking about it (perhaps through our open windows!) because ever since the first couple of nights, we haven't heard it hardly at all. The first night we slept there was Saturday night, and he was up until probably 2am or so and must have been watching TV or movies in his room, because he would get in and out of bed periodically (with the accompanying squeaking as he got up, and squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak as he settled back in. Of course, we can hear him walking around, too. He's rather heavy-footed. Of course, I'm really not used to it, yet. We fell asleep somewhere around 11pm that night, and I know that the squeaking and walking woke me up at least twice. Since then, we barely hear him make any squeaking as he gets in and out of bed, so he MUST have overheard us talking about it! I can hear him walking around, and then a little *squeak* as he gets into bed, rather than the SQUEAK-SQUEAK SQUEAK-SQUEAK SQUEAK-SQUEAK we were hearing before. I feel kinda bad, but at least it reduced the squeaking!!! Ah, apartment living!!

Well, it's 2am and I've been awake since 1am. No, the squeaking wasn't keeping me up! I simply woke up and could not get back to sleep, so here I am, blogging in the middle of the night! Our Sleep Number bed is SO wonderful and comfy that I hated to get up, but I just was wide awake, for some reason, and didn't want to wake Bill up with my restlessness. I do need to get to bed, though, because we've got another big day of cleaning ahead of us -- yippeee!! :-(

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!! Wish us luck!