Monday, June 04, 2007

We've moved!

Well, I don't have any pics, because I have NO idea where the camera dock is! We have most of our stuff at our new place. Still have some stragglers at the old house, but all the big stuff is here and most of the little stuff. Whew, what a job!! It was hot, but not nearly as hot as when we last moved! Last time we moved was July 1st of 2005, and it was 110 all weekend!! YUCK! This was much nicer.

We moved boxes all day Friday, and then picked up the truck at 5:00 and my two boys, and two of their friends came over and loaded up nearly every stick of furniture. We rented one of those giant 26' U-haul trucks in order to try and get everything in one trip. By the time we got it all loaded, it was nearly 8pm, and after working hard all day prior to that, we decided we were TOO TIRED to unload the truck! We just decided to park the truck overnight and Bill and I stayed at a motel for the night. That was a NICE treat, to have a nice, cool place to sleep, that had cable TV and a nice bed.

The two boys that we hired to help us (my kids's friends) couldn't come back the next day (actually, one promised to, and never showed). We met Mark and Scott (my kids) at Kalico Kitchen at the crack of dawn for a nice hearty breakfast, and then the boys (with Bill's help) unloaded ALL the furniture in two hours!!! It was the perfect time to do it, too, because the mornings are still cool, so it was great. We took the truck back early. Then we went over to the old place and started boxing up what was left.

Saturday we spent time at the new place trying to put a few things away and emptying some boxes because we had run out of boxes and still had a bunch of junk at the old place. When we moved our mattress and box spring, we noticed that the mattress was in sad shape (it is at least 20 years old!) and so we decided to go to Sleep Train to look for a new one. Since they offered us an excellent deal for 32 months interest free financing, we decided to purchase a sleep number bed! We REALLY like our new bed. We ended up getting the top of the line, and it is fabulous. We slept it in the last two nights, and I have never slept so well. We LOVE it!!

Well, I need to get off of here. I have to take Scott to work. Then back here to do some stuff, then I have to go to an important work meeting for a couple of hours. Then back here for more unpacking. The cable guy is coming today -- Yayyy!!!

Not that we can see the TV from the couch yet, but hopefully we'll get there today.

More later!!