Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back to work tomorrow!

Well, it's back to work tomorrow. After all the work of the past week and a half, I need to go back to work just to rest! We finished up at the old house (well almost -- I have to mop the floors, but I don't want to do that until absolute last). The carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow, so I will mop after they are gone. Then we are DONE. At least I hope so. The property management company is going to do a pre-walk through, and if anything needs to be cleaned, then they'll let us know. If it's only minor stuff, we may just leave it for them to do, and have it deducted from our deposit. I didn't clean all the windows completely, and I really don't care!! I absolutely HATE washing windows. Bleah! I did the inside of the windows, but I am not going to do the outside. Fuggetaboutit!!!

Not much else to report! We didn't do much today -- I took Scott to work at 10:00, and Bill went over and got the rest of the stuff out of the garage and took it to storage. He also de-cobwebbed in the garage and that was it! Then we went out to brunch and came home and picked up a cabinet I am giving my friend Tracey who is setting up her own place after separating from her husband. We loaded it up in the truck and took it over to her about 1:00. While we were there, Richard and Suzie, two other co-workers, came by with a queen size mattress and box springs that they are giving Tracey. Bill helped them carry it up the stairs, and when Tracey said she didn't have a bedframe, Bill said he would go to storage at get her one of ours. We have THREE of 'em in storage right now! So I stayed and chatted with Tracey while he went over and got it for her. Then he set it up for her, and put the leg back on a wine chiller that she had. He is so sweet and so good to her! I so appreciated his doing that for her, after all the work we'd done this week. He is such a good guy.

We are thinking about planning a trip back to Chicago in September to see Bill's parents and sisters. We were hoping to wait for Christmas, but not sure we can wait that long. Bill's mother's health is not that good. We'll see. I checked airfare online and it's not too bad on Southwest, if we fly mid-week. United is about $800 and Southwest is about $500. Big difference!! We'll see. It would be nice to see Chicago during nice weather, since the last time we were there was in November.

Well, time for bed! Hope everyone has a great week.