Friday, May 18, 2007

Update on our move . . .

I got a phone call from our property manager at tne real estate mManagement company that manages the property we live in, who said she managed to convince the owner of our house to give us an extra 9 days in July in case our apartment wasn't ready. That's a relief! If the apartment isn't ready by then, we will move into a long-term hotel situation, such as Residence Inn. We shall see. But at least that buys us some more time.

What absolutely boggles my mind about this whole thing, is why does anyone need to get upset about this?!? All we did was ask the question: If our apartment isn't ready, could we have an extra week in July to stay? If the owner, Steve, didn't want to do that, all he had to do was say no. I have no idea why anyone needed to get upset about it. It's not like we were saying, "If you don't let us have an extra week in the house, we will refuse to move and you'll have to evict us." It wasn't said in an angry manner, or anything. All we did was politely ask for another week. All he had to do was say "no" and it would be done!! I guess the stupid real estate person who is selling the house for him got him all riled up about it, for some reason. She must have gotten him convinced that we were going to refuse to move, somehow. Bill and I both have said that we will never use this real estate lady if and when we are ever in the market for a house. What poor public relations! If I was really mean, I'd reaveal her name and her real estate office name here, but, despite what she apparently thinks of us, we are not mean, vindictive people! All we did was make a simple request tnat no one needed to get upset about. Geesh!!

Bill's mother is extremely ill and has been in and out of the hospital lately. We may have to figure out a way to fly back there and see her in the next couple of months, in the midst of all this moving crisis! YIKES!

We will keep you posted -- stay tuned for more updates!