Friday, May 25, 2007

Change of Plans . . .

Okay so here we go again . . . change of plans!

We stopped by the office at Mission Ranch apartments today, and it turns out that the house for the folks that are in the apartment we want, their house won't be ready until mid-July, if then!! We were shocked to find out that they had just framed the house LAST WEEK!!! Framed it!!! How crazy is that?!? They said that the company is Webb Homes, and they can get a house done in a couple of months, but I don't think we should hold our breath anymore. We just can no longer afford to just wait, and wait, and wait ... We have to have a place to move to NOW!

We looked at a couple of places today, and on the way home, I suggested that we stop by the Train Station Apts on Rio Lindo. We had passed them several times on the way to Mission Ranch, and had wondered about them. Bill wasn't too enthused, but we stopped by and fortunately their office hours were until 6pm, and it was about 5:45 when we got there. The manager graciously agreed to show us an apartment. They are only two bed., 1 bath apats. and only 900 sq. ft. but they are nice! It is a downstairs apt., the patio has a gas BBQ on it, and there is tile in the kitchen. Its small but there is a lot of mature vegetation on the property, which means LOTS of trees. Unfortunately, there is no washer/dryer in the unit, but oh well. The price is right -- its about $200 less than the Mission Ranch one -- of course it is nearly 300 sq. ft. smaller. We put in our application and could be ready to move in as early as the 1st!! This means Mark and Scott would have to share a room and more incentive for them to move out!! heh heh. There is a method to our madness, you see . . . .

Here are some pics:

These are from the website, so they are not of our specific apt. This is the outside:

By the mailboxes near the office:

The swimming pool and jacuzzi . . .

So, we are seriously considering moving here. We will look at a few places between now and the first, but these aren't too bad! They have a nice clubhouse, a beautiful pool and jacuzzi, and a well-stocked workout room, and a tennis court, to boot! Not that we play much tennis.

We'll keep you posted! This means we could be moving in as little as two weeks!!!