Saturday, March 24, 2007

Finally . . .

My step-daughter Michelle FINALLY sent us photos of our grandson, Adam!! Mind you, we haven't seen him in person since June of last year, and we won't be able to see him until July, when we go down to Michelle's wedding.

Yes, Michelle got engaged the other day to a guy named Nathan. Nathan has a little boy a little older than Adam and they get along famously, Michelle says. We haven't met Nathan yet, but he seems like a nice young man, and he makes Michelle happy, which is always a good thing. He works at Taco Bell right now, but is applying to be a police officer in Ridgecrest, and is trying to get into Post school at the jr. college there right now. That would be a good career, stable and good benefits. The hours suck, but oh well. Fortunately, Ridgecrest is not a hotbed of crime either, so hopefully his risk will be low.

Here are the pics of Adam, who is 20 months old. And there's one of future son-in-law Nathan, too. These were taken with Michelle's cell phone.

Here's Adam on a scooter, after his new hair cut!

Cool dude!

Happy guy!

I like ketchup!

Making faces . . .

Sleepy time

And last but not least . . . future son-in-law Nathan!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday. I am on break from cleaning, but I must get back to it! Master bath and laundry room down . . . downstairs bath, kitchen, dining room, living room and floors to go! Bill is outside mowing and weeding and doing the yard thing . . .