Saturday, February 03, 2007

Weight Watchers . . .

Well, I finally decided that I HAD to do something about my weight. I am SO lucky that my wonderful husband loves me just the way I am, but the scale just keeps going up and up, and I'm having trouble gettting up and down the stairs, I tire easily and have no stamina, and before long I'll end up with diabetes or heart disease or something equally bad, and I don't want that. Especially diabetes. Can you imagine life without sugar?!? Well, that's just WRONG!!! I'd die; I truly would. Plus my cholesterol is bad, and I'm tired of taking meds for it. And its embarrasing when I try to sit somewhere and I spill over into the next seat, like on airplanes or movie theaters. I'm getting to the point where I can't cross my legs very well and bending over to do ANYTHING is out of the question. I think what did it for me was when I had to get some new jeans, and I had to buy a size up.

I surely do love to eat, and this will be hard for me. Fortunately the Weight Watcher's plan allows you to eat anything, just within reason and the less fat ad sugar it has, the more you can eat of it. For instance, a snack up of sugar-free jello topped with Cool Whip Free is ZERO points!! I like that. But, boy, its expensive being on a diet! Fat-free or low-fat, low calorie foods are expensive!! Yikes! We went grocery shopping this afternoon and stocked up on things, and spent probably 1/3 more than we usually do. Geesh. Guess I'd better stick to it, eh?!?

My first meeting was last Thursday, so Friday was when I officially started counting points. I've felt hungry a few times, and craved foods that I don't want to eat because it would use too many points, but other than that it really hasn't been bad. I have a LOT to lose (I won't tell you how much!) but I can do it! My friend Alicia lost over 100 lbs. on WW, and she looks WONDERFUL!

Well, its time to go make dinner so I will sign off for now. Enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow (if that's your thing) and have a nice Sunday!


Mostly Dana said...

My husband Jim is on WW also and he wants to tell you:
Good for you for joining WW. It gets easier with time and once you see results. Try both the flex point system and core. He likes flex better. You are welcome to email him with questions. Keep it up!

Karen and Bill Huff said...

Hi Dana,

Thanks for the words of encouragement! I really appreciate it! Watching Alicia lose all that weight, and your husband looks wonderful, so it definitely works! I am excited to weigh in this Thursday, to see how much I lost this first week! I will definitely let you know if I have any questions.

Karen :-)