Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm a winner! . . . and a loser!

. . . but both are good things! Last night was WTC's Friends of WTC Dinner, which is a fundraiser/appreciation dinner for all of our "friends" -- such as business partners, care homes and clients. It was a catered dinner, and Bill and I ran the drink table. Here's a pic of Bill and I:

At the end of the dinner, they had a "Chinese Raffle" (this is where you put your raffle tickets in jars in front of the prizes you want to win). This is cool, because you only are competing for prizes you really want. I put in $20 worth of tickets, and most of them went in the jar for a beautiful blue topaz ring (real topaz!) and I won it!!!! I couldn't believe it. It was the most expensive item in the raffle, and also the most popular. I was very excited. I'm taking it over to have it sized because its a bit small. It is so beautiful, and I really wanted it.

Before the dinner, I ran to WW for the weigh-in. I couldn't stay for the meeting because I had the dinner, but I posted a .8 weight loss, bringing my total loss to 8.6 lbs. Not much of a loss, but at least I lost something. The first two weeks, you always lose more than the usual. I'm on my way to a 10 lb weight loss! I'm feeling it in my clothes, too, so that is encouraging.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!