Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Danskos are my favorite shoes!

I just bought my third pair of Danskos, and I just had to blog about how wonderful these shoes are! I used to always go home at the end of the day with sore feet, and I would hobble around all evening because my feet hurt so bad. I never imagined I'd ever pay more than $100 for a pair of shoes, but they are SO worth it!

I used to buy cheap shoes from Payless Shoe Source, figuring that quantity was better than quality -- boy was I wrong!! Most shoes have a heel that forces your weight onto your toes and the balls of your feet, and by the end of the day my dogs were barking!! I had just about despaired of ever finding a pair of shoes that didn't kill my feet. I have falling arches, so if my arch isn't supported, then my feet really hurt at the end of the day. I needed to find a shoe that had a sole that provided a heel for dressy pants, but provided support along the whole length of my foot. Well, a co-worker of mine last year told me about Danskos, and how much she loved them. I was skeptical, until I went into the shoe store and tried some on, and WOW!! I couldn't believe it! They were amazing. Here's a pic of the clogs:

Since I loved the clogs so much, I also bought a pair of sandals with the same sole (called the "stapled clog". These are the sandals:

I've also tried on other shoes by Dansko with a different sole, and they weren't as comfortable to me because they had a heel without the support of the whole foot, as the clogs do. They are much more comfortable than the Payless shoes (they'd better be!!) but they didn't "do it" for me the way the clog sole does.

Since both of these shoes have a heel to them, I decided recently that I needed a flat shoe. I fear I could never go back to cheap shoes, so of course I shopped Danskos. I found a wonderful Mary Jane style that is so cute and OH so comfy. Here's the flat style:

I am going to go home and throw out all my cheap shoes and keep just these three pair. Well, I also have to have my flip-flops and my crocs. Have you tried the crocs?!? Those funny-looking plastic shoes that are incredibly comfy?? Bill says all the nurses at the hospital wear them, and they are fantastic! Johnson's, where I also buy my Danskos, was having a sale on crocs, and I bought a pair. They are now my new favorite casual shoe. I don't think I can wear them sock-less though, because the plastic makes my feet sweat. Yuck! But I do love them for treks to the grocery store and Costco, where I'll be doing a lot of walking around. Yayy!! And you can stick them in the dishwasher to clean them. How cool is that?!? (Of course, you have to take them out before the heated dry cycle, or you'll end up with melted shoes! And don't leave them in your car in hot weather. I LOVE 'em!

My closet needs cleaning anyway, so my goal this weekend is to get rid of my old shoes. From now on, I am sticking to a few pair of good shoes. I have Happy Feet!!!!


Dim and Jana said...

I am a Dansko freak myself... that is all I own. When I was a teacher I had to have them to survive a whole day on my feet. My newest pair are the athletic ones... I've been eyeing the flat ones you posted about...

Karen and Bill Huff said...

Hi Dana, Yep I am SOLD on Danskos!! I just love 'em. Glad they've worked for you, too. And the flats are wonderful -- they have a bit of elastic at the buckle, so that once you get the buckle set, you can just slip them on and off. They are extremely comfortable; you'd love them. :-)