Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Scott! . . . and a new place to live for us!

My (Karen's) son Scott's 19th birthday is today!! Happy birthday to Scott. This is my youngest child, and his last year as a teenager. Wow its weird to think that at this time next year, I will not have any teenagers anymore! I won't know whether to laugh or cry!! LOL Mark will be 24 in December -- wow!! That's the age I was when he was born, so he will be exactly half my age! Which is pretty amazing, since I'm only 29 . . . (IN MY DREAMS!!)

So, Bill and I finally decided on a place! In a previous post, I had talked about how we'd been looking at apartments and hadn't found anything that we liked, was in our price range and was a 3-bedroom. Well, we finally found a place we really liked and so we compromised -- in order to stay within our price range (albeit at the high end of that range), we went down to a two-bedroom, 2-bath apartment at Sterling Oaks!

Sterling Oaks is a really nice, upscale apartment complex that has all of the features we wanted and some we hadn't even thought about. For instance, there is a bike/walk path that leads from the apt. complex directly to Bidwell Park! How awesome is that?!? I've always wanted to live near Bidwell Park. There's a large pantry in the kitchen, an ice maker in the freezer and a self-cleaning oven!!! Yayy!! Each of the two bedrooms has a large walk-in closet and there is a full-size washer/dryer in each unit. They are 1100 sq. ft., which is big compared to others we've been looking at. They are near the corner of Bruce Road and Hwy. 32 by the California Park development. They are managed by Hignell Inc. Click on the link in the previous sentence for more photos and the website. Here's a photo of the outside (the clubhouse is in the background).

Here's the floorplan:

We put in our application and our $100 holding deposit, and we should be first on the list for June! We're glad we got on the list now, which means that if there are several apt. that come available in June, we should get first choice! I am looking forward to it. We figured since they are one of the more expensive apts. in town, that should mean that there is no "riff raff" that live there. One of my fears of living in an apartment again is that there will be low-lifes hanging around, and this is such a nice place that I can't imagine that would happen. That makes me feel better. And for the first time in over 24 years, I won't be living with children, adult or otherwise!! Yahoo!!!