Saturday, November 04, 2006

No message given while driving . . .

In our car, it has a screen in the dashboard for the navigation system. This screen also shows info when you push different buttons for several different things -- the climate control, the gas mileage screen, and the sound system (radio, cd player, etc). Part of the safety in this car is that it doesn't allow you to program the navigation system while the car is in motion. The sound system screen also shows info -- for instance the radio station name and number, and sometimes even the type of music the radio station plays, and if it is an enhanced cd, the name of the artist and title track of the song playing.

Now, here is the part that makes no sense -- when the radio is tuned into a station, part of the safety system is that when the car is in motion, a message appears in the screen that says "For safety reasons, no message given while driving." When the car is stopped, the message disappears. So, let me get this straight: While the car is in motion, it has a message that says "no message given while driving". Hmmmm . . . that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!!!!!. So, to recap -- it gives a message saying that no message is given for safety purposes, and the only time you can read it is when the car is in motion. So to help you be safe, you look at the screen and read a message saying that no message is given. Toyota, you really goofed up that one!!!