Saturday, September 09, 2006

Waking up to cool mornings!

Despite the fact that it is in the 90s most days, fall is in fact making its impending presence known with these wonderful cool mornings! Its Saturday morning, and we woke up about 7:30. Bill went downstairs and made coffee, and just then his phone went off for a service call. Bill is on-call this weekend. The bad news is that he has to go fix a copier; the good news is that he'd already had his first cup of coffee when he got the call! Also, it means an extra $150 -- he gets that for every service call he has to go on. This is a nice reward for the small sacrifice of not being able to go anywhere out of town for two weeks. We had thought about taking in a Giant's game this weekend, but alas, Bill was on call. Oh well, there's always next season. One of these days, we want to see a game in SF's "new" stadium (not so new anymore -- probably about 5 years old or so?). At any rate, it would be fun to take in a game in the stadium by the bay!

His last day of on call is the 15th -- good thing, too, because my 30th high school reunion is next Saturday, the 16th! Wow can you believe it?!? 30 years!! Wowzers. I don't feel that old . . . LOL Yikes! For those of you that don't know, Thomas Kinkade, the artist, graduated same year as I did from the same high school! My one claim to fame, although he wouldn't know me from Adam if we passed on the street. We ran in different crowds. It will be interesting to see if he comes to the reunion. He came to the 20 year reunion. Although this year, he and his company are under investigation by the FBI, which casts a shadow over him. I hope its not true, what they are saying about him. (Quite frankly, I always secretly thought that he was a little arrogant underneath his Christian facade, but that's just my opinion. Arrogance does not indicate criminal activity.)

Anyway, enjoy the cool mornings and happy weekend, everyone!