Saturday, August 02, 2008

They're baaaaack!

Yesterday was August 1st. The local university starts real soon. And guess who is back from their summer break. Yup. You got it. The wild monkeys/elephants neighbors are back upstairs. And last night? They were in FINE form!!

It sounded like they were picking up and dropping boxes. And since they were moving back in, that may have been what they were doing. Either that or they were wrestling alligators!!

We had such a wonderful, peaceful summer. It was absolutely fabulous. Not a footstep up there. Not a single party. Not a single episode of running up and down the hallway, screaming at the top of their lungs. No Guitar Hero with bass drum set (which involves pounding as hard as you can on the floor with your foot (their floor = our ceiling). Yeah. Greeeeeeeat.

Please tell me: Why do college age girls scream like banshees at the top of their lungs?!? Why?!? I was a college age girl once, and I don't remember doing that. I so don't get it.

And my cranky nearly-50 year old self is really, really not liking it at. all.