Monday, July 14, 2008

Long time, no post!

Wow it's been awhile since I posted. We've been super busy around here. Last week it was really hectic at work while I dealt with all the smoke related issues. There were times we had such poor air quality, it was considered hazardous!

We also did a lot of work around here, and cleaned out our storage. We have stuff stacked to the ceiling in our spare room, but that way we save the cost of the storage each month. We're really trying to cut expenses, due to the cost of living going up, and a raise I was promised didn't happen due to the poor economy. But I can't complain; at least I still have a job! We reduced our cable to basic, our phone service to basic, and I got rid of our regular cell phone and went to a Go Phone pay-as-you-go service. Every little bit helps! We're also thinking about trying to save money by going down to one car -- get rid of our one car with a huge payment and poor gas mileage, and also our truck, and going to a smaller car that's more economical on gas. I wish we could get a hybrid, but they're scarce these days. The Toyota dealership told us they have a waiting list for a new Toyota Prius!! Wowzers. It cost me $65 to fill up our car from empty last week. YIKES!!! I hate recessions.

So we did have a great time at the Giant's game; no great stories to tell. The guy behind us yelled a lot, which hurt my ears. I know; I'm such a wuss. The ballpark is great; there isn't a bad seat in the house!

Here are some pics from the game:

We went under the bay bridge on the ferry.

Here's the marina entrance to the ballpark.

The ballpark

The ballpark

McCovey Cove

The field from our seats, which were 10 rows up from the field in right field.

Bill -- in a Giant's cap, no less!!!

Our ferry

Really drunk guy getting hauled off by the cops. He passed out right after this photo was taken. They just laid him on the ground. You can see in the pic (if you click on it and enlarge it) that the cops have a death grip on his arms, trying to keep him upright.

The ballpark

San Francisco skyline as we're leaving on the ferry.

More skyline


Jake said...

Always need a picture of the drunk guy. Haha.