Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trip to Redding

Well, today was my interview for the HR position in Redding. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to get there, so I found a fast food restaurant and had a soda and chilled for about 20 minutes. When I met the owner of the company. I liked her right away, because she is TALL -- probably 5'10" or so. But she is skinny!! So not fair. She is really nice though and we got along well, even though she's probably at least 10 years younger than I am.

There are all women that work in the office, but they all seemed nice. The job seemes like something I could do and would enjoy, the problem is relocating to Redding. I love Chico, and I love our apartment. But it would be nice to work for a company that I didn't have to worry about budget cuts and worry about losing jobs. The thought of starting all over again with minimum vacation time and waiting for benefits to kick in, is dishartening. And the expense of moving out of town? I can't even imagine.

They want to call me back for a second interview, which is encouraging. We'll see what happens. I'm just so upset and offended about the prospect of getting my butt handed to me because of that a-hole that I just want to get out of the situation. I mean, if I'd blown it, I'd understand getting my butt handed to me. But something like this that is happening only because of a weasel of a vendor? That I can't handle. I'll take my lumps over something that I did wrong, even if it was inadvertent. But I don't like having to take lumps over something that I didn't even do or cause, but this weasel is making it look like I did. Humph.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted! The nice thing was I was home by 2pm so I had a nice afternoon off. Both Bill and I took Friday off work, so I have a 3-day weekend to look forward to. Yahoo!!

Still waiting for the airfare to come down in price. Right now we're looking at an extra $210 in airfare, in addition to the $200 in change fees for changing our airline tickets. But $410 is still cheaper than buying new tickets, but not by much. *sigh* Oh well. It will be great to go back and see everyone in Chicago. I think Bill's dad is really excited that we're coming.

I have to go to the grocery store. Bye for now!