Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time flies

Wow it's been awhile since I posted. Did ya miss me?!?

Okay don't answer that. LOL

Not a whole lot happening around here. Last weekend, we decided to go take a look at the St. Jude Dream Home, which is being given away in June, and for which we have a $100 ticket. No doubt people have purchased like thousands of dollars in tickets for chances to win it, because even 10 tickets is $1000, and since its a deduction on your taxes, an easy write off.

But really? All it takes is one ticket to win. Hey, it could happen. Anyway, we went to see it (it's not finished on the inside, so we didn't see the inside except through the windows) and we took pictures. It's very cool!

Here's the front of the house:

Here's the inside, taken through the window.

Here's a picture through the other front window:

Here's a picture of the garage. The garage is on the back of the house, accessible through an alley. Kinda like the Doe Mill houses we lived in. Not my favorite arrangement, but on a free house? I could live with it!

Okay, so after that we took the Avalon to the car wash. We went to Scrubbs, which is a treat. It's like a spa day for the car!! We had a $2 coupon, but it was still over $20. But they do a fantastic job. They clean that thing outside and in, and even black the tires. It's an all-hand wash carwash, so there is no risk of damage to the finish of your car. Nice!!

Here's Bill at the car wash:

Here's the car going through the wash. People were looking at me funny while I was taking pictures at the car wash. I should have worn a sign that said, "What?!? I blog, okay?" LOL

So then we went to Best Buy to just browse. Yeah. Like we're capable of doing that. LOL But actually, we got out of there the first time without buying anything. That doesn't happen very often. Of course, we went back later and got some stuff, but hey. We were good -- for a few hours, anyway. I wanted to walk out with a new washer and dryer, but that didn't happen. I hate the ones that are in our apartment. They don't have a separate water temp control for one thing. But that's okay; it's still better than a laundromat, that's for sure!!

The funny thing is, that it must have heard me talking smack about it, because there was water all over the floor in the laundry area on Tuesday. Bill went to put a load in the wash, and there was the water. But it turned out not to be the washer itself; there was a leak in the spigots that the hoses were hooked to. The drywall underneath the faucets is soaked and will have to be replaced. I don't know what the maintenance guys did, but apparently they fixed the leak. Bill ran a couple of loads tonight. I have to tell you, this apt. complex's maintainence team is right on it. It was fixed by 10am the next day, and we reported it after hours the night before.

Oh and I went to the eye dr. the other day, and I decided to try contacts again! I had sworn off contacts, because I'd always thought that there were not soft lenses that could correct my astigmatism, but my eye dr. said there were some new toric ones that he thought would work. Well, they came in today, and I picked them up. My vision isn't as sharp as I'd like, meaning that the astigmatism isn't all the way corrected. However, he said to give it a week and see, that it should improve by then. I wasn't sure, but then I went back to work and talked with my friend Deb, and she told me she had the same thing when she first got contacts, so I didn't feel so bad. The soft lenses are SO much more comfortable than the hard lenses! I can't believe the difference.

I'll get a pic of me sometime with my contacts. Maybe. I hate pictures of myself. Ugh.

Anyway, that's been our week! I've been busy at work planning our Taste of the Foothills Tour fundraiser, and ticket sales have been disappointing. The event takes place on the 19th, and unfortunately there is an event that is nearly the exact same thing this coming weekend, which is one week before our event. The competing event is about half the ticket price, and it goes to all the same places. And it's a fundraiser too, for another nonprofit. *sigh*. That is SO not fair.

Our event is cooler though. Way cooler.

My mom and dad are coming to visit the following weekend, so that will be fun. Our first visitors!!

Man, I'm tired, so I will toddle off to bed. More later!