Friday, April 25, 2008

Noisy Neighbors

Well, it's 10:30pm and this week from hell is over!! Unfortunately, my nice relaxing weekend isn't starting out too great. Our upstairs neighbors are having a party. OMG are they ever having a party!! The music is loud, they have girls over and they're chasing them around the apartment, running up and down the hallways. Geez. I went up there about half an hour ago and asked them to keep it down. Yeah. That really helped. LOL

We have an 11 pm curfew on music and noise, so I'm just sitting here watching a TiVo'd Law & Order SVU and blogging, waiting for 11pm. If they don't have the music down by 11pm, I can call and have the manager shut them down. If they get more than three noise complaints, they get kicked out. They're just kids in their early 20s and I remember what its like. I'm sure they hate living above a couple of old people but poor Bill likes to go to bed early. This is the main thing I hate about living in an apartment, is having someone live above you. The nice thing about a duplex, is that there's usually only one connecting wall. The nice thing about an apartment complex versus a duplex, is that we have things like a swimming pool, clubhouse and workout room.


Well I had my annual performance evaluation from Carl yesterday and it was really good! They still haven't gotten the records from accounting regarding how much the supplies cost from my friend's company versus how much they cost from the jerk that is causing me all this trouble. If it's significantly more, and I can't justify it, then I guess there's still a chance I'll be fired. Or at least severely reprimanded.

I went ahead and submitted my application for an HR job in Redding, and got a call back already! I have an interview scheduled for Tuesday. I figured I might as well cover my bases "just in case." The job doesn't pay much more than I make now, and it would mean relocating to Redding, which I don't like. But we'll see.

Looks like Jessica's wedding has been indefinitely postponed, so we now have $600 plane tickets to Cleveland we can't use. She's moving back to Kentucky to be with her boyfriend in two weeks, so she won't even be there. **sigh**. It's going to cost us $100 per ticket to do it, but we're going to go ahead and change our tickets to Chicago, and we decided to go a little later in the month. When I first checked pricing to Chicago from Reno or San Francisco, the tickets were only $175 each round trip, but we couldn't purchase them because we had to check with our bosses to see if we could change our vacation days, plus we had to check with Bill's sister to make sure everyone was going to be there during those days. We also decided to stay in a hotel, which just makes things easier on everyone. Jennie has enough to do and doesn't need to have houseguests for five days. And it gives us a little privacy while we're there. Win-win for everyone. It will be good to see Bill's dad, also, along with the sisters, their husbands, and niece and nephews.

But anyway, about the plane tickets. When I went online to change the tickets this afternoon, the price had gone up to $445 apiece!!!!!!! How does that happen?!?!? So weird. So I guess we'll just keep on checking until they get down to around $300 apiece, or cheaper if we can. We already are going to have to pay a $200 change fee; we don't want to have to pay extra airfare, too. Geez.

Mom and Dad are coming to visit tomorrow. They'll spend the night and then go home on Sunday afternoon. We're going to a spaghetti dinner and play that our clients are putting on from work. Since I'm still employed there -- at least for the time being!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh the music is off, and no more pounding feet upstairs. They must have gone out. Now I can go to sleep. I can't sleep with all that noise going on.

Have a great weekend, everyone!! I will have a nice one, although I truly won't be able to relax until this whole thing about the safety supplies is settled one way or the other at work.

Anyway . . . bye for now!!