Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dream house and our weekend

We ended up having a really nice weekend this weekend. I'm tired this evening for some reason, but it was nice.

Saturday morning we got up and went to the open house for the St. Jude dream home they're giving away. We signed up for a $5,000 Ashley Furniture giveaway while we were there. Oh that house is SO GORGEOUS!! Unfortunately my camera batteries pooped out on me before I could get pics of everything, but here are a few of the pics. It is absolutely gorgeous and the cabinetry and fixtures are exactly what I'd pick if I could.

Here's a pic of the fireplace and the built in bookcases in the living room. They're cherry wood and absolutely beautiful.

This is the hall bathroom and downstairs bedroom.

This is the postage stamp backyard. Easy maintainance!

This is the master bedroom.

Then we went out to breakfast and then ran a couple of errands. I got a new beautiful bedspread at Penney's for the guest room, since the other one we had was really worn out.

Then we came back home and got things ready for Mom and Dad coming. I cleaned the hall bathroom and Bill did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen for me.

My folks got here about 2:30pm and we had a nice visit. When I told them about the dream home, they wanted to go see it, so we drove over there and walked through it again. I sure hope we win it. Wouldn't that be something?!? Wow.

When we came back, we drove by the apartments that burned in March and showed them the reconstruction, then came back to our apt. About 5:30, we headed over to the place where the play and dinner were being held. It was really fun and the food was good. My folks enjoyed themselves and so did Bill.

We came back home and then Mark came over and visited for a bit, then probably 10:00 or so Mark left and everyone headed for bed. This morning, we got up and Scott, Mark and Candice and we all went out for breakfast at Country Waffle. It was fun! Mom and Dad wanted to get a car charger for their cell phone, so we all went over to Best Buy after breakfast. Then Mom and Dad left for home after that -- probably around noon or so. Bill and I came home, and he laid out by the pool and I took a nap. Then he took a nap and I ran some errands.

Bill has cooked burgers for dinner, so I need to go. Hope everyone had a great weekend!