Saturday, March 22, 2008

Table Mountain

This morning, we got up and went to breakfast about mid-morning, then came home and worked on a few things around here. Well, Bill worked on his laundry and I cruised the internet trying to decide what/when we'll go back east for Jessica's wedding. We still have to talk to Jess and/or her mom to find out what the scoop is as far as the house, because goodness knows if Jessica counts on getting married in that house, and it hasn't closed, she'd want to wait.

After that, Bill suggested that we grab some lunch at Subway and have a picnic in Upper Park. I suggested that we try Table Mountain, since the wildflowers were supposed to be beautiful there this weekend. By the time we left, it was nearly 2:00pm, and we were both starving. So we just drove into Oroville and went to Subway and ate there, rather than trying to take a picnic. The Subway we stopped at in Oroville was really junky. What a crappy town that is!! Ugh.

Anyway, we drove up to Table Mountain and saw some beautiful scenery. We didn't feel like walking all the way to where the wildflowers were, or the water falls, plus there was a LOT of people up there. But the drive was pretty and the scenery was great. We even went all the way to the covered bridge at Oregon House. It is all so green right now. Won't be long until it's all brown again. Hey, they don't call it the Golden State for nothing!!

Anyway, here are some pictures.